The recommended way of obtaining the latest xia2 is to install the latest xia2/DIALS bundle which can be obtained here.

xia2 depends critically on having CCP4 available. The dials and 2d pipelines will work with only xia2 and CCP4 installed. In order to use the 3d, 3di and 3dii pipelines you will also need XDS. Optionally xia2 can make use of LABELIT which requires installation of LABELIT or PHENIX (the latter includes the former).

The standard recommended procedure for installing xia2 is therefore:

By and large, if these instruction are followed you should end up with a happy xia2 installation. If you find any problems it’s always worth checking the blog or sending an email to

[1]To use xparallel=True you will need to fiddle with forkintegrate in the XDS distribution